When Did It Become A Thing…

Recently I have changed jobs and I have begun to notice things here that are not balanced at this job. For the past two Saturdays, I’ve had to work mandatory overtime. The first time wasn’t so bad as I left early but this second time around. I left at ten at night, taking me an hour to get home.

I barely had any sleep just to wake up at four in the morning to get ready to leave by five to get there by six. So to put it plainly, I wasn’t happy about it. In a world where people are starting to realize that sleep is important, I still don’t get why others don’t see that.

Then again not every one is the same, what one person can do someone else can’t do the same. It has been an interesting experience so far but for however long I will be at this job. I am grateful for my brother driving me to and from but there is concern with the lack of sleep that accidents might happen one day. It’s not matter of if but when although I don’t want anything like that to happen.

This job is very rigged but I had decided that I will do my overtime during the weekday and merely experience myself when it comes to this six am to two pm shifts on Saturday.


Changes Happening

I have left a job of seven years for a different experience altogether. The first couple of days was a bit rough as I’ve never worked at a warehouse but even with that I pushed through it. I know with every job you have all kinds of people but I have decided that each day that I am there to observe and work. I am playing it by ear each day that passes. I am much more aware of myself than I have been in the past.

With certain jobs, an emotions arise saying, “Yes, I can see myself there for years.” I don’t have that emotion with this job and it has happened in the past but in those days I choose to ignore it and think its my imagination. I am learning to honor that since then and learn what I can from each of those experiences.


Roundtable: The Scariest Post I Ever Published

Scariest Post Ever Published

The Daily Post

Lots of bloggers, old and new, are intimidated by the publish button. Crafting a post is one thing; making it available for the entire world to see and comment on, another. Indeed, fear of the publish button has stopped many a blogger before they even begin.

Think you’re alone in being nervous, and that the rest of us are happily and confidently clicking publish on our perfect, better-than-yours posts? Think again! Heck, I get the jibbles every time I publish something here on The Daily Post — putting yourself out there is, for most of us, an inherently nerve-wracking proposition.

But! When you overcome those nerves and send your creations out into the wild, beautiful things happen. Below, Daily Post writers share some of the posts they were most scared to publish — and what happened when they did.

superman curlMichelle Weber (That’s me!)

Aside from being nervous about this post right…

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Calling Emily Post: A Blogging Etiquette Roundup

Blogging Etiquette Roundup

The Daily Post

If you’re a new or recent arrival on the blogging scene, there’s definitely a lot to process: themes! Widgets! Stats! Taglines!

Then there’s the large set of (mostly unwritten) rules that govern the smooth functioning of the blogging community. Just like going to a dinner party in a country where you’ve just landed, you want to make a good first impression, or at the very least not appear like an irredeemable oaf.

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Being kind to others and asking questions is always your best bet. For more specific cases, though, we’re here to help with some of our most popular posts on blogging etiquette.

The ethical use of others’ content

If you’re a blogger who prefers to restrict access to some or all of your posts, be sure to read about your blog’s privacy settings, as well as…

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Daily Prompt: Mercy; Nest; Sludge; Particular

What is mercy? Can it only given from the rich looking down at the poor. Only given when the world is watching for the greatest of impacts. No anything given with expectation attached is not given from the heart. Nest deep within each of us is the ability to have mercy on our fellow man as we watch reflections ourselves go through the sludge of thoughts forms. Particularly of those who don’t wish to let go of the past and cling to it beyond the bleeding point of their fingers until their only bare bone is showing.