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Good morning all! I have been a published author since 2012 but certain challenges have gotten in the way. At present I am working on a anthology of short stories and a poetry book. If you are interested in supporting me and my work, please check out my page: Patreon PageĀ  šŸ™‚

Latest Read

Books FromĀ Machaelle Small Wright (that I have read up to this point)

  • Co-Creative Science
  • MAP: Medical Assistance Program 3rd edition
  • Perelandra Soil-less Garden Companion

I found that my desire to connect more with Mother Earth and feel its stability that only she knows how to do so well. Has lead me to buy the majority of Wright’s books. I have read the first two an the third I skimmed over because that only requires extra supplies which I don’t have at the moment.

I have learn a lot about how nature spirits and deva can not only help with an actually garden but garden that at not grown in the soil for example writing projects or business. The Author is living proof of it as nature it a part of her every day life. I am not going to say to much about it but I am still attempting to understand it myself and Einstein said it best, ā€œIf you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.ā€

Once I have a better grasp on the concepts of her teachings and I have the supplies I will be starting on my own journey with nature helping me with my soil-less gardens.

For more information: Perelandra Center for Nature ResearchĀ 


Daily Prompt: Loop (Meddle; Relieved; Bottle)

On a loop that doesn’t seem to
wear out any time soon, relieved
when it finally breaks yet you
find the meddling thoughts
of doubt fill your mind, like
a bottle with no bottom, when
you start to think where do I
go from here. Relieved when clarity
steps in to help you along your way.


I Have Been Thinking

I have been thinking about where I want to be and what I need to do to get there but I find myself on aĀ Mƶbius strip twisted into a figure eight. I find something I want to do, I hit the middle point, where I research it only to come back to financial issue of the matter. I simply don’t have the means to do what I want to. So I keep that idea on the back burner only to have another bought to my attention and I go through it again, comes back to same thing.

After going through this process a couple of times, I had been sitting type up some notes for a story. Which got me thinking, I can’t be doing what I have been for six years for another six. I have a better idea of where I want to be but right now the obstacles in my path has been preventing from find that piece of the puzzle that would get me there and I don’t mean something physical rather emotional. A piece which has eluded me for sometime until I started to understand things differently.

I know I am not that far from discovering what that it only impatience and frustration has gotten in my way lately. More than usual yet I haven’t really had a moment to myself this madness began. I know the primary problem which prevents me from having a that time to myself but at the moment I am doing the responsible thing but my families financial situation isn’t the best either.

So I got support myself somehow, but I would much prefer to find that something that I will enjoying doing rather then dislike going to every day. Believe me I have looked every where for something like that. It either doesn’t exist or maybe I just don’t fit the model of common every day position anymore. Often times I think that I have to carve that position for myself rather waiting around for it to be created by someone else.

I have made the decision to take the road less traveled with its winds and twists. With it many turns it other direction. Who knows where this will lead me but its better than what I have been doing lately which has lead me to dead ends.

Daily Prompt: Tender & Crisp

Tenderness is the feel of pre-dawn
light kissing one’s skin. Crisp is the
wind the blow upon onto you as you
step outside to greet a fresh new day.

A fresh tender and crisp morning that
masks what the rest of day might hold
in store for you. Disagreement.
Disappointment. Frustration.

But with all that you can count on
one thing, that clean, crisp and tender
morning to remind you that you have
a new day to start over and learn from
past experiences.

Daily Prompt: Tender
Daily Prompt: Crisp


Daily Prompt: Polish

Like a potter-maker working on
loving and modeling the clay
between his hands. He stops
the wheel from spinning and
steps back to admire his polish
work of art that was brought forth
with his actions, love and hands.

Daily Prompt: Polish

Challenging Course

The course that I have been challenging. It also has help to shed some light on those areas in my life that I need to strengthen.Ā I’ve been doing pretty good up to this point until it came to charting the lines. I don’t know which direction to take them. I have been studying the charting more and more these days as this Saturday is the last class along with the certification. I am be doing a lot of reviewing in the next upcoming days.

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