Predictions, Comments and Questions for November 2017


Daily Prompt: Loyal

What is loyalty? Is it to the
people you are born into?
Is it the religion you are
taught? What is loyalty?
I was once loyal to the religion
that I was brought up with until
I realize how broke it was. Birth
from a fear of damnation. I was
once loyal to a politic party yet I
discovered quick they took at
grasping at the past and had
forgotten why they were elected.
Yet my loyalty to people still stands,
for it is not just the race I was born into,
although they have my heart as
well but I am loyal to humanity as
a whole. When it comes down to
it we have all have hearts that beats in
our chest.

Daily Prompt: Loyal


Tossing This Out There

I haven’t done this is awhile because I really had to sit down and think. Why would someone invest in my projects and as me as a person. So I took a look at this and decided that simplest is best and I wanted to make it easy for other to support me and my projects. The biggest project is me because through the funds and resources. I will have the freedom to invest in writing, learning and making things. Thank you!