About Me

13240127_10156911081930007_7944819325822701482_nI am not claiming to be an expert on anything but I do claim to be an expert in my own experiences that I’ve had on this path of awakening since I started down this road at the age of 22.

I won’t say how long I have been at this because it’s not the destination so much as the journey. I am here to tell you what I’ve learned and what I’ve gone through over that time and what I am experiencing in the here and now. I will give you the best advice, I know to give at that time.

I only telling you that which I know at this point in time of my life, what I haven’t come across on this path I have nothing to say about but my knowledge will continue to grow and evolve as I discover more about myself and what I am compatible of while I push myself to limit on all levels: the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial.

I am also here to tell you that what you are experiencing you aren’t alone in. We are all on this journey together and it’s nice to know what we aren’t alone in this. Welcome and thank you for being here! I hope you enjoy yourself!

Please stop by and visit my other site, if you interested: Temple of the Self


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