c6160-ctrl-shift-key-lamp_1I didn’t realize until now what I had set into motion with monthly accomplishment goal. I realized now that my writing and my evolutionary of my self was seen as separate but it never was.

It was merely another expression of my evolutionary self. Since receiving advice for my beta readers, I found myself in a dry spell.

I found myself forcing the issue by my own resources. I didn’t think until the last few days during this weekend which open the way to bring into my awareness what I had been doing. I was not inviting creation energies to help me with the writing process.  I look back on how I went about writing.

I was always along as I never asked for help outside of myself thinking that I could do it all by myself. So with little doubt and the experiences of before, I asked to invited the creation forces that help to bring this idea into being and I could feel the difference right way. The words simply came to me and I didn’t sit forcing the words to come to me.



Well the last few grains of sand slipped through the hourglass when I set that goal, it was merely about getting things finished or at least writing every day. Although I was getting writing done every day there was times when I found that I need to rest my mind for a bit.

I had completed my writing quo for the last month during that time I got stuck. So I sent out my rough draft to several beta readers. Seven in total while I was waiting for their feedback I would get back into the rough draft. All feedback has been the same up to this point, especially the grammar.

Adding things, changing things and look at the first draft of the story I had written. At this moment, I have written the beginning to a story that didn’t have one, or rather it was rather jarring to the readers. It’s been an interesting ride as I sit in contemplation about this story I am writing  along with the poetry book.


Block to Funds

I have been thinking of late of how, when I was in school, little creative was encouraged. The only time it was encourage was when it was put in the a box and the teacher told you how to be creative with guidelines.

What got me thinking about that?

Well I have been doing so re-hashing for my patron page lately and haven’t really noticed much going on. I keep it simple. Although some of my awards need a little work still.  I began to think what is really going on. There are other out there that have achieved their monthly.

Why haven’t I?

I realized now that it was due to this old belief of that, no one is going to pay you to creative anything that isn’t instruct by someone else. It goes much deeper than that but that is basic understanding of it. Now that I can see that, I can just simple changing the wording. Many people before me have made it by other paying for their creativity and I know that I, we, can all do the same.

So I am just throwing this out there! If you only give once a month, please think of me next time 🙂 Thank you!

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12 Days to Accomplishment Date

Amazing how time flies when you decided to put your creative pursuits first before anything else. Up to this point I have complete 16 poems handwritten.

For my fiction project, I am up to 38 pages. I have 17413 words written up this point. Its far from done. I am planning on posting this piece on AO3 once its gone through the editing process and polish version is ready.

I believe since setting this countdown, I’ve had many small accomplishments within that time which now has become more of a habit to simple pursuit my creative joys and everything else it secondary.

Once I completed my creative pursuits for the day, its easily for me to handle the mundane tasks of the day.


Daily Prompt: Pedigree & Slight

Such a slight thing, we don’t think about often
how we separate our lovable companion into
pedigrees. Yet we adore them all the small.
When it comes to pedigree to humanity, there
is such a divide. Many will argue that is not the
the same thing to compare man to our quadrupedal
companions. We can learn a great many things from
them. When the world is balance, they live in harmony
with her and with other beings who different from
themselves. We can do the same.

Daily Prompt: Pedigree
Daily Prompt: Slight