Getting Expose for Book

After my virtual coffee on Friday, it got me thinking about how to go about marketing my book with no money which then lead me to goodreads. I went through the groups I was a part of and found few that would help me find reviewers in exchange for a copy of my book. I had to double check to see if I had ebook version available not only that but finally download Jutoh onto my new desktop. I am entertaining the idea of how to go about marketing my book in my own way while still remaining true to myself. I am look forward to where this path is taking me.

Amazon: J. L Silvermist


Book Progress

It has been a few rough days as I have very little space to myself let alone having my thoughts to myself with the consistent movement around me but taking each moment that I find myself alone to sit down to write.

Update on book so far:

  • 80 pgs
  • 11578 words

Book Progress

Just when you think you have everything plan out and you are ready to move those plans forward. A monkey wrench gets thrown into the mix of things. I had to steps away for a few days as I wasn’t feeling all that great and now family has come up to visit.

So we have a full house and plenty of distraction but I am back and ready to carve out the time need to complete this project. I am also brainstorming other projects as well more on those later.

Here is what I have up to this point:

  • 78 pgs
  • 11454 words

Book Progress

I am committing to just thirty minutes a day to complete this book by the end of the month. I am throwing this out there so that I am held accountable so I will posting daily progress reports. I learned that from a teacher of mine in the past about accountable, the more people you tell the more likely the project will get done as they will be expecting it.

As of today:

  • 76 pgs
  •  11304 words

Book Progress

I fell off the horse after my last post on my poetry book but now I am back on and ready to go at a steady pace. I don’t want to overwhelm myself. I have decided instead of wrapping up this in October. I would wrapped them up at the end of this month instead, giving me plenty of time to find freelancers to help clean this up like wording, grammar and help me improve on my poetry/writing overall.

So here it is:

  • 73 pgs
  • 10987 words