Some Thinking, Hmm

I admit it! I have been distracted lately with what hasn’t happened yet. Since I have committed to myself to doing my practices and follow my top priorities which are my loves. I took a moment just not to realized that I haven’t been doing my daily prompt. I know I crossed this bridge once before. I don’t want to like a dog chasing its own tail. *wink wink*

I realized a lot of this old stuff that keeps coming up for me comes from school years. If you didn’t have things done on time and finished, there would be repercussions for those actions. You don’t know how in-grain something is until you find yourself searching for a pencil when multiple pens around. That was me shortly after graduating high school.

I have been more in a penance mood, that a writing or reading mood. Shed some light on these areas of my life which have been left beneath cobweb and dust. Just cleaning things out you can as spring is just around the corner.

Its a challenge to find that stillness at times with the world around you rushing by at subatomic speeds at times but as I look back now I have come a long way and I will continue to move forward because its what we do but many times it the how we do that might trip us at times. Once we the get the “Whats” situated that “Hows” will find there way.

I am started to understand more and more with each passing moment, that its how we feel about something that is the most important because no one else can give you that. I am learning more and more about the power of emotions as I work to bring my projects and creations into this world.

I have learn a great deal about myself, I am human, I stumble and fall but you know what anything is better that what I have experience up to this point. Not all moment were bad but I know if I want change than I need to follow the flow.

So it has been a very interesting journey these first couple of weeks, but the poetry book is still on. I find the most challenging of this project is that I question my words and whether they will be relevant or not. I also wanted to announce that the first of four contests I have entered are due this Saturday. 😉

A Tidbit Update

I have been face with physical challenges lately. The month of March hasn’t been my month as I have missed shifts as well as miss my daily writing session. Since this started to feel a bit disconnected, I had to take a few steps back to see the bigger picture. With all that I was doing, I was putting my writing last and that didn’t sit well with me. So I rearranged things so that my writing comes first.

Now that I am recovering from a two day migraine which made me wind in the ER Tuesday, it was one of the worst episodes that I’ve experience but it help put things into perspective from me. After being laid up for two days before heading to the hospital, it helps me to put those things I enjoy first after not being able to do anything at all.

I am still feel so effects of the medicine but I am feeling much better and I know I’ll come stand up stronger then before with a more direction target which will help to keep me on track with not only my writing but also with every other aspect of my life.

One Minute Fly