Shout Out!

Like I said plans have fallen through twice already, what I wanted to do didn’t turn out that way, but what can you do when you have family over for a visit. I did want to take a moment to thank all those who follow this blog, leave your likes and comments. Thank you! I really appreciate it.


Daily Prompt: Disastrous(Soil & Edible)

Disastrous is that once upon a
time the food brought from
the ground use to nurture
us. Now we are face with
the disastrous of cross
pollen with the wrong plants
that can kill us. What once
was edible to us no longer
brings with it the love those
who plant them to feed others,
but what it plant now require
people in suits to care from them.
Disastrous is what those with
power have on the soil that
once feed us natural food.
Those who are believe in the
natural are fighting with the
higher ups to feed the people
once more healthier food.
Help those who care about
what you put into your body
because they are the future.


Book Progress

Just when you think you have everything plan out and you are ready to move those plans forward. A monkey wrench gets thrown into the mix of things. I had to steps away for a few days as I wasn’t feeling all that great and now family has come up to visit.

So we have a full house and plenty of distraction but I am back and ready to carve out the time need to complete this project. I am also brainstorming other projects as well more on those later.

Here is what I have up to this point:

  • 78 pgs
  • 11454 words

Daily Prompt: Savage(Jangle;Quill;Tether)

Savage is the life we have lived
while those at the top jangle their
wealth before everyone. Quill in hand
they dictate to us what are role was in
that life but not tethering on the brink.
We have taken the Quill away to forge
our own history. We tether not on the
edge of despair but on the edge of a
new world build by those that love all.


Book Progress

I am committing to just thirty minutes a day to complete this book by the end of the month. I am throwing this out there so that I am held accountable so I will posting daily progress reports. I learned that from a teacher of mine in the past about accountable, the more people you tell the more likely the project will get done as they will be expecting it.

As of today:

  • 76 pgs
  •  11304 words