Free Writing

A person is like the easel
the canvas sits on. The canvas is
blank until you began to add color
to it. When you first look at someone
you are see a person, as you add color
to the paint, so to you add color to the
person who stands before you. The
addition add to individual’s personality
which brings the pieces together. You
see the person as a whole not just one piece.
That person as a whole with their experiences and
skills bring to the community at large diverse
which allows the painting to alive with color.


What A Couple Of Days

So since I decided to take the road less traveled, its has been an interesting ten days. First, we wake up to no cold water and only hot water. We get cold water back on Monday only for Tuesday not to get heat. The suspected gas leak at first because of me smelling something sour or something like burn sugar combined.

So fire department and service man comes only to discover it was a broken pipe. The service man shut off the furnace and hot water heater, he said there was possibility that both might need repairs.  So a friend of family called someone who came over last night to check. So roughly we were without hot water for two days until just recently.

The contractors were here from 9:30am to 5pm in the time frame that found three leaking pipes and repaired them. Those men didn’t leave until they were assured that we had heating, hot water and that there was no more leaks. They still have to come back to insulated the pipes but it has been a stress day to put it mildly.


Organizing Page

Since I have this much freedom on my hands, I’ve complete my poetry book and finished a custom planner that only need a couple of pages. I am in the process on working on another planner different size and dimensions. I am even organizing my blog. The number of 387 under the Uncategorized section was very daunting but instead I knocked down to pages. I knocked out the first page and the last page the number went down to 360.  I am determined to go with the flow here more and more everyday. Next on the list is to look at my stories and do some serious thinking about where they are going.