Getting Expose for Book

After my virtual coffee on Friday, it got me thinking about how to go about marketing my book with no money which then lead me to goodreads. I went through the groups I was a part of and found few that would help me find reviewers in exchange for a copy of my book. I had to double check to see if I had ebook version available not only that but finally download Jutoh onto my new desktop. I am entertaining the idea of how to go about marketing my book in my own way while still remaining true to myself. I am look forward to where this path is taking me.

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Free Writing

A person is like the easel
the canvas sits on. The canvas is
blank until you began to add color
to it. When you first look at someone
you are see a person, as you add color
to the paint, so to you add color to the
person who stands before you. The
addition add to individual’s personality
which brings the pieces together. You
see the person as a whole not just one piece.
That person as a whole with their experiences and
skills bring to the community at large diverse
which allows the painting to alive with color.


You Had A Chance

I have been loyal to this place,
yet I see no reward for the many
years of being there. I could no
longer stay stagnant to a place
that grow has long be squash under
the tyrant of the higher ups. I could
no longer stay a be spit on by those
who think nothing of me. Just like
they think nothing of the mat they
wipe there feet on. I have left you
to your own device but even that
last day, I gave you the benefit of
a doubt yet you remain silent. How
sad to be tie down by the restriction
of those above but sadder still that
you choose to remain there, danging
on that string because you no longer
have the will the fight.


5 Easy Steps to Creating a Social Media Posting Schedule For Writers

Darla G. Denton

5 Easy Steps To Creating A Social Media Posting Schedule For Writers

Social Media Posting Schedules are the key to getting 100% out of your time and efforts in marketing.

You know this already! So why haven’t you done it yet?

Probably for the same reason I hadn’t.

The idea of creating a successful posting schedule for one social media platform sounds constrictive and time consuming, at best. Not to mention mind boggling. I mean, where do you even begin to start?!

Well, fear not. I finally took the plunge and figured it out. Follow the steps listed below to start your own today!

Step 1: You need to figure out what you want each social media platform you use to be about. What do i mean? Well, if you post the same things on all of your social media sites you are going to bore your followers. Not to mention, what works for one social media platform does not work…

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Patreon Page Rewrite

I have decided that less is more, let me know what you think about this new take:

Simple Rewards for $1 or more

  • Acknowledgement in published works
  • Access to different aspect of my writing
  • Feedback on writing before its published
  • Feedback on etsy products before its post on the site
  • Suggestion on prices for books and etsy products
  • Receive copies of writing before release dates.

Who am I?

Hi! My name is Joann Sanchez, I have been writing since 1997. I have published a book in 2010 under the penname of J L Silvermist. I am looking to invest more into my passion which are my writing and making things with my hand whether that is knitting or designing a piece of jewelry.


  • Working on fiction stories/poetry
  • Making products for etsy page

So, why patron?

Beyond the monetary that will help free up time and energy needed to invest in my projects. I would like to have a community that I can go for instant feedback. Because I am writer but my books would sit on a shelf without the readers. You will be helping me bring those worlds in my imagination out to the public and helping me flesh out those thoughts.

Monthly Goal Goes Into:

  • Learning
  • Hiring help
  • Bills

Why not more? Why not less?

I am grateful for whatever amount I receive but I think this amount is realistic. At present I live with my mom, I want to be able to pick up the bill for pet food or the internet bill so I can lessen the strain for her. I also want that ability to focus on my projects without the worry. Thank you!

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