Book Progress

Just when you think you have everything plan out and you are ready to move those plans forward. A monkey wrench gets thrown into the mix of things. I had to steps away for a few days as I wasn’t feeling all that great and now family has come up to visit.

So we have a full house and plenty of distraction but I am back and ready to carve out the time need to complete this project. I am also brainstorming other projects as well more on those later.

Here is what I have up to this point:

  • 78 pgs
  • 11454 words

Book Progress

I am committing to just thirty minutes a day to complete this book by the end of the month. I am throwing this out there so that I am held accountable so I will posting daily progress reports. I learned that from a teacher of mine in the past about accountable, the more people you tell the more likely the project will get done as they will be expecting it.

As of today:

  • 76 pgs
  •  11304 words

Book Progress

I fell off the horse after my last post on my poetry book but now I am back on and ready to go at a steady pace. I don’t want to overwhelm myself. I have decided instead of wrapping up this in October. I would wrapped them up at the end of this month instead, giving me plenty of time to find freelancers to help clean this up like wording, grammar and help me improve on my poetry/writing overall.

So here it is:

  • 73 pgs
  • 10987 words

Going to Fast

I have been quiet distracted lately with do’s which has drawn me away from my joys like writing poetry and my writing period. A good friend said it best, “I have a case of the ‘fuck yous.’  I found myself being suffocating the by this present of being that I am in or rather I found myself wrapped up in before I realized where I was. I have given a lot of thoughts to what I want to and where I want to be in the next six years only those vision still remain unclear to me at present. I can tell you this, I am don’t want to repeat the last six years.

My clarity has been muddy lately which has made my focus as well as little shaky. So I’ve withdrawn literally and figuratively from the world for a while so that I can return to nature itself. Nature itself simply is. Nature doesn’t think about what tomorrow will bring only what today is.

My present situation is that I lack motivation and each day that past I drop more into the abyss of apathy. I have noticed this tread when I take on more than I am ready to take on. Not only that presently work we have been in graduation mode since the beginning of this month and let me tell you that I am not at my most tolerant during this month.

I got swallowed up by this sea of intolerance as I deal with all sorts of people every day these past weeks. Not to mention that I have begun to give seriously thought to my health and well-being during this time. I have noticed that this month doesn’t do me well at all to work. Too much going and I can easy get sucked it my it all. Although I have done much better this year then in past years but its still trying to deal with so many people.

I look forward to going home to the sanctuary of my room, burn some incense and just de-stress from the day. I have so many things going on within my head that I am looking forward to doing things differently as the mundane just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. To top it off I have started to learn a new trade, I have taken up learning about divas and nature spirits on top of Ascended Numerology both have been a fascinating experience but I have learned that mix the mundanes of my present circumstance with this learning a new trade were bogs down the gears, I guess you can say.