12 Days to Accomplishment Date

Amazing how time flies when you decided to put your creative pursuits first before anything else. Up to this point I have complete 16 poems handwritten.

For my fiction project, I am up to 38 pages. I have 17413 words written up this point. Its far from done. I am planning on posting this piece on AO3 once its gone through the editing process and polish version is ready.

I believe since setting this countdown, I’ve had many small accomplishments within that time which now has become more of a habit to simple pursuit my creative joys and everything else it secondary.

Once I completed my creative pursuits for the day, its easily for me to handle the mundane tasks of the day.


How Has It Been Going…

How has it been going? I have been asking myself that question and I ask you the same question, how has it been going? When I really asked myself this question the past couple of days, I noticed that looking back where I was in Oct 2017 to now. I am much better than I was, at the very least I have a better understand who I am and what I want to do in my life. I am writing more often. I am making commitment to my project to complete them. But in retrospect, how has it been going for me is that I am feeling better from the inside out which than translate through my hands into my writing. It can only get better from here on out because I know what it felt like when I didn’t know up from down. Thank you!


Writing Adventures

Happy Saturday! Good morning all! Welcome to new followers and thanks to those who have been following my page for a while now. I really appreciate the support. Now what has been going on in the wonderful world writing. I haven’t done much because I have found myself stumped and the flow to the story I am focusing has a lag to it.

To me it felt empty and hollow. So I decided to take advantage of my weekend to get up early before the world is a wake. I have been brainstorming for the last two hours roughly.

I have collected, bookmark and taken notes on the information that I have come across today to the point that I won’t be doing more writing. I am going to go over the information and let it settle. I am hoping that with better foundation under my feet, my writing will flow a lot smoother.

I mean that are still things that need to be filled in but I am sure I’ll stumble on them as I first this first draft. I am looking to get it completed by April as I have committed to a NaNoWriMo that is going in one of my facebook groups.


Creating the (Physical and Mental) Space to Write

The Daily Post

Over at Discover, editor Mike Dang asked five bloggers to describe and take photographs of their writing spaces. Read their responses.

When you write, are you typing at your desktop computer in your home office? Drafting a blog post on your phone, right in the WordPress app? Or are you like Deborah, below, creating your desk for the day at your favorite coffee shop?

To write in, I like a cafe with wooden floors, high ceilings, and tables with ample space. Once committed, I make the place my own. I give myself over to a familiar wafting aroma. I order an Americano, no milk, no sugar please. I arrange my piping hot coffee and writing accoutrements on my “desk,” and then I take in the sounds around me. An espresso maker sputters and whirs to an undercurrent of percussion-driven electronic beats and the indiscernible vocalizations of a female singer. Voices murmur, mostly in…

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Slowing Down

Latest news on current projects, I haven’t done much writing due to the lack of sleep, the asthma has been acting up more than normal but instead of beating myself up over the lack of word count. I am looking into new ways of writing and putting together stories.

After starting the day a bit later then expected, that couldn’t be helped as I finally got enough sleep last night to wake up this morning without having to drag myself out bed. Every time that happens it’s good thing.

I have been struggled with my fantasy project so instead of pushing things, I decided to shift gears and working on layout out for my poetry book. I had even been struggling what too as it felt a bit jumble every time I added something new to it.

I was able to organize it better which in turned help me to come up with a few poems to add to it. Its coming together rather nicely.

Update for Poetry Book:

  • 959 words written
  • 13591 total words
  • 103 page roughly

Writing Tools

I have been procrastinating on posting this but I feel that this is need as I have been doing this lately to keep track of my process of my writing. A lot people feel like this could be a waste of time but for me I am putting in the effort, I would like to see the reward. So this what I have been using lately for my writing.

I have also heard about Scrivener and Scribus; I have yet to try either of these but they do look interesting. I have heard a lot of good thing about both. I am determined that less is more so I am going to be looking for specific tools and resource that do more than one thing.

In a world that is ruled by apps, I have learned that if I could find a few that do multiple things I won’t have need to continue to add to things. I am in cleaning up mode, whether its things on my laptop or things in my home. It just time to de-clutter.