Digging Deep

That’s right, what I have avoid this whole time has come back to stare at me in the face so I decided no more running.

What’s the worst that could happen? I finished reading the Tapping Into Wealth and went through the chakra tapping as well which I still do when I am moved to do so.

I have started to do a lot more tapping but it isn’t just the tapping but also I am determined to make the changes necessary to get where I am going in life.

I am done living this mediocre life. The first things that came up for me was being bullied in my younger years and since tapping on it, the sting has been removed.

It’s merely a gray and white picture now all the energy that was behind it has diminished a lot and I only did one round of tapping.

But I have a learned a great deal about myself since starting down on this path. I’ve done a great deal of shifting and moving through a lot of energy that no longer serves me and my highest good.


Awareness: Shedding Light in Aspects of My Life

Spirit Science

Since putting my foot down a couple of weeks ago about doing something to change how things are turning out, I have begun to notice things that I didn’t before.

From the simple of things like light reflection off pollen floating in the air to the complex designs in sacred geometry.

Spirit Science was the starting of it all as it opened me eyes to other things that I didn’t know. And from there new avenues opened up to me that I didn’t think possible prior to.

It was a really eye opener along with consistent meditation and choosing to have time to get all my things due which help me to make it through the day.

I have discovered that had take ‘me’ time for granted before but now I am grateful every time I get a chance to have ‘me’ time. I know the day will come that I will have more ‘me’ time and do the things I want to do instead of doing things I don’t want to do.

I am on day 15 when it comes to the Magnetic Pill, the dizzy spells are all but gone and I am started to feel the effects of the supplement now more than every before. I haven’t hit a full month yet so I don’t know how it will turn out than as it take about 30 days for the pill to actually take hold and start to effect someone but the effects I’ve felt are small but I am enjoying every minute of it.

I highly recommend the Magnetic Pill and the Paul Santisi meditation because both have help me to grow, evolve and learn. More soon.


Magnetic Pill Day 6

I started taking the Magnetic pill this past Monday although it’s only been a six day I am started to noticed a big difference already. I am have some dizzy spells here and there I believe it’s because of the nutrition in this particular pill as well as I am taking other vitamins along with this one.

I can say much for those people who it doesn’t work for but I think its more the approach that individuals has when they start taking it, their expectations are to high.

Mine where merely looking for something will give me a little bit of everything for my overall well being and it was my curiosity that has me wondering where this will lead me. It’s a little early to think about what will happen in the future as the future shall remain there but I am more present now than ever before.

I have noticed that I am reading and comprehension has improve that and so has how fast I read something. I am definitely going to put it to the test tomorrow in the morning. I do have to say for people trying this for the first time it’s strong so be gentle with yourself when you take it.


A Swirl of Up and Down Emotions

Since posting last, I have been going through a series of emotion from extreme exhaustion to irritation. I have been working a lot of hours. It’s something I am not use.

Another thing is that lack of agreement on the decision among the people I work with. It’s got me going up and down.

But since I’ve had this couple of days to myself, I’ve had to really take a look at what I have been doing lately since I’ve started to work two jobs.

I find that I am being affected more and more everyday as I am more exposed to the energies outside now than when I was barely out there before.

I find that this is a learning experience as I am learning to be more grounded and strength my shields to protected me from being drained or hooked by cords.


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This phrase was given to me on Feb 3rd, I used it for the first two days every so often. I had also placed an order for books at the my job at the bookstore. Two out of three book were available for pick on the 5th. The two I bought through Amazon came in the 7th. The one book for the order at the bookstore came in on the 8th. I am going to using this phrase every time I place an order from here on out.