What else is out there?

I have been thinking lately from a place of balance and contemplation. My desire for that balance in every aspect as well that deep level contemplation to be able to roll over thoughts and ideas that are beneficial. I seem to do that a lot. Thinking clearly about my present situation and where I want to be but its not bogged down by the wants and dictates of society but the dictates of my own expression and passion.

Since I made a decision to leave a job that dragged me down every day on energetic level where creation seem impossible. I couldn’t spend another seven years in this place. I left sure that I would find something else that would fulfill me. I have filled my free time not with things to keep busy but things that I enjoy doing.

It has opened my eyes to other possibilities, it has opened the way to listen to voice of the heart and my own intuition. I am guide forward on this interesting path. Although I may not know where I am going I know that only the highest good for me and all involve lay before me. Its better than where I was before.


Thinking Things Through

I have been doing things a bit differently lately. I find myself contemplating things more before jumping into them with other thinking. That’s not to say that I am not leaving room for my intuition to guide me but that just it. Its a balance of contemplation as well as intuition before taking action on things. I am determined now more than even to have a balance life and to choose in ways I didn’t before.


What A Couple Of Days

So since I decided to take the road less traveled, its has been an interesting ten days. First, we wake up to no cold water and only hot water. We get cold water back on Monday only for Tuesday not to get heat. The suspected gas leak at first because of me smelling something sour or something like burn sugar combined.

So fire department and service man comes only to discover it was a broken pipe. The service man shut off the furnace and hot water heater, he said there was possibility that both might need repairs.  So a friend of family called someone who came over last night to check. So roughly we were without hot water for two days until just recently.

The contractors were here from 9:30am to 5pm in the time frame that found three leaking pipes and repaired them. Those men didn’t leave until they were assured that we had heating, hot water and that there was no more leaks. They still have to come back to insulated the pipes but it has been a stress day to put it mildly.


Organizing Page

Since I have this much freedom on my hands, I’ve complete my poetry book and finished a custom planner that only need a couple of pages. I am in the process on working on another planner different size and dimensions. I am even organizing my blog. The number of 387 under the Uncategorized section was very daunting but instead I knocked down to pages. I knocked out the first page and the last page the number went down to 360.  I am determined to go with the flow here more and more everyday. Next on the list is to look at my stories and do some serious thinking about where they are going.


Three Days Since…

It has been three days since I resigned from a job that was based in density. I hadn’t realized that when I start these two programs. That I would be doing a complete overhaul of things but its at a steady pace that I can keep up. Also I want to be aware of those experiences. I noticed that instead of unconsciously being laid off instead, I am being coaxed into leaving the job with my awareness about me.

I got a lot of things done. I complete my custom planner just got to tweak a few things but that won’t take too much time. I completed my poetry book or at least the first draft. I am playing around with Canva more. I am coming out of hiding you could say. I hadn’t realize how this job drained the life from me that affect everything I do. Now that I have free time on my hands, I am filling it with my joys.

When I decided to set out on this path in particular, I had set this intention that I am going to shown what are my passions in life. I had to re-frame this as it was single. I was reminded by someone how much I enjoying doing many things. I am even thinking about going back to school to get my degrees in certain fields but who knows where this will take me. I know this that I am follow my intuition and going with the flow.


Latest Update

Happy New Year! I took time off yesterday to a little me time during that time I was talking with a relative about this present job. Things clicked. I am not staying that I didn’t really think about it other night to the point where I was having rough time sleeping. I decided to resign from the my present job, logically it gave me stability and funds but energetically it was dragging me into density. I don’t want to be there anymore. Now that’s not to say that I am wondering where I am going from here but its not coming from a space of despair. Its coming more from a space of curiosity, grace and love. Let’s see where I go from here.


Experience From Job

This last job that I was there for a month has been an interesting experience but I found myself in the drama way before I realized. I felt like a outsider looking in. I thought to myself, can I see myself here a year from now? Can I complete the 90 day probation period?

In my heart, I know I won’t finish one month there. There was too much problem not enough solution. I don’t like the lack of humanity toward there employee and I don’t like how this place makes me feel. I am a person not a machine.

Yet a lot of corporation are like that. When did humanity in these place disappear? When did it slip beneath the nose of human beings? How did this treatment towards people become a normal thing? Whatever happens after this day, I know that I won’t be able to return to that job.