Challenging Course

The course that I have been challenging. It also has help to shed some light on those areas in my life that I need to strengthen. I’ve been doing pretty good up to this point until it came to charting the lines. I don’t know which direction to take them. I have been studying the charting more and more these days as this Saturday is the last class along with the certification. I am be doing a lot of reviewing in the next upcoming days.


Crushing By Distraction

Companion Andara Throughout the Past Couple of Weeks:

  • Yellow-Green
  • Effervescent Green
  • Amber
  • Amethyst

I have been have this crushing sensation since the closer I get to the end of this Month. I have been doing practices off and on. I feel like at times that I am pushing against a wall that seem unyielding. I am just plain tried at other times. Other times I am crawling beneath the fog. Whether its doing the container practice, mediating, knitting or coloring. I am following more and more my joy even while I feel like I am being crushed by this distraction.


This Week Andara Layout

Last week, I had Andara Amethyst, Amber, & Effervescent Green. It really help to keep me focus on committing to the practices I have been told and reading about on Sri & Kira’s page. This week I added Andara Yellow-Green which has caused me to leave the my Andara pendant I made at home, every so often I’ll be called to put it on but it hasn’t been everyday.

So now I am into the second week of Transforming Toxicity Class with Sri & Kira only after listening to the second class. I haven’t been doing my journal writing because I was so focus on the practices that it slipped my mind completely. Right now with all practices I have done up to this point have helped with the spaciousness I am presently feeling.

I still have feelings that distracted me for the truth that I AM but they don’t seem to linger unless there is something I need to learn from that experience. Although some thoughts are fleeting but there at those that need my attention for some reason.

I realize now that somethings need my attention so that they can begin to heal so that I can continue to simple be in my divine nature. And this is hard for me to say do to how I grew up, but I am understanding more and more the truth of those words to me.

Here is one of the practices that I have doing everyday for the past two weeks or so. I’ve lost track of time since I’ve been doing these practices. Container Practice!



Andara Amethyst Day 2

I had set this card out yesterday as I went about working on the Patreon page, getting the basic pledges setup done and brainstorming rewards for each tier. Today, I worked on editing the intro and the goal section of the Patreon page.

I was reading the weekly message in my email and I was reading about Amber. I felt guided to take out the Andara Amber and have that out until the end of the week when my page goes live.

While I have been doing the Oneness course, I am on week 6 and I have come far. For other courses, subconsciously I would stop before completing them. I have notice that at the beginning of this course, it felt different.

That different lead me to other tools and resources that have help further this path I am on. I am finally getting the answered to questions that I didn’t know I have and I am learning what has been keep behind the veil for so long.


Day 7 of Andara Blue Shaman Swirl

I had a set of Andara that was going to join me today but after getting swept up by theses Andara: Blue Shaman, Higher Heart, Effervescent Yellow, Brilliant Green, & Amber. Subconsciously, I need the energies of this Andara instead of swapping them out with the others. I had set the intention to receive that energies that I need to at the moment during those days of the week I didn’t post here. I was merely integrating those energies as I shifted into another phase of my life.

I wanted to let everyone know that I have set in motion last week to find other means outside of myself, outside of my resources to earn an income from my writing. I have been working on that with patreon while also keeping consistent with my action through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to bring the best that I can for my supports.

If I have learn anything else from my writing it that, it’s a solitaire process when I am writing but once it comes through the process of editing. I need help and support from others so in the end, my creative process is a group process. I am learning about myself with each small step I take and this cards have helped to lead the way for me.

So my patreon page is due to come live on Oct 1, if you are interested in support my work and my dream of being a full time writer. You are welcome. If you can’t that’s alright too.


Day 3 of Blue Shaman Swirl

This combination of Swirl, Lavender, Brilliant Green & Amber has help put things in perspective for me. I actually carried Brilliant Green & Amber with me. I have made certain decisions, now I am in the process of brainstorming my next steps to do the best that I can and I can commit to each one of those steps. So I am going keep things short for today as I have some planning to do for the next few days.