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Books From Machaelle Small Wright (that I have read up to this point)

  • Co-Creative Science
  • MAP: Medical Assistance Program 3rd edition
  • Perelandra Soil-less Garden Companion

I found that my desire to connect more with Mother Earth and feel its stability that only she knows how to do so well. Has lead me to buy the majority of Wright’s books. I have read the first two an the third I skimmed over because that only requires extra supplies which I don’t have at the moment.

I have learn a lot about how nature spirits and deva can not only help with an actually garden but garden that at not grown in the soil for example writing projects or business. The Author is living proof of it as nature it a part of her every day life. I am not going to say to much about it but I am still attempting to understand it myself and Einstein said it best, “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”

Once I have a better grasp on the concepts of her teachings and I have the supplies I will be starting on my own journey with nature helping me with my soil-less gardens.

For more information: Perelandra Center for Nature Research 



Legacy From the Stars by Dolores Cannon

Legacy From the Stars
Dolores Cannon
Copyrighted 1996, 2010, 2011
New Age/Extraterrestrials

“I have been told that we will never truly travel in space, and be allowed to enter the confederation of then other worlds, until we decide to grow up and leave violence and hate behind us. There is no place for such behavior in the councils of planets and solar system.”

Another book from the Dolores Cannon collection that helps to clear things up in why haven’t we been able to contact any other lifeforms out there in space and that although we think we might be alone because we haven’t been contact doesn’t make it true.

The author’s purpose in writing this book is to let us know that yes we aren’t alone in the Universe and that there is other life out there. We have been visited often throughout time.

We just need to be less narrow minded about these kinds of things. Each chapter was rich with history of the unknown and when I started to think it was far fetched, I remember someone saying that much of our history is up for grabs so why couldn’t the stories told here be true?

I learned something interested when reading this book, this is maybe the only planet that lack what the Universe has in overabundance and that one things is love. Every time I looked at the cover of this book it remains me of the harmony that Universe is expect for us.

I started to question, what would it be like to be in harmony? What would it be like to live in peace with the planet and everyone on it? What would that really feel like? What would it be like if there was no limitation? If you have these questions, this book is for you.


The Winner’s Attitude By Jeff Gee & Val Gee

The Winner’s Attitude
Jeff Gee & Val Gee
Copyrighted 2006

Jeff & Val Gee’s goal in writing The Winner’s Attitude was to help the reader tailor their approach to every situation and connect to everyone which will turn each outcome in favor of everyone involved.

The Gees’s argument is logical in their approach to the situations in this book and they exercises to help with each of those scenarios. Each page is rich with information and has really helped me out in ways that I can’t begin to describe here.

The books is definitely a keeper and deserve a spot on anyone shelf who is looking to improve their customer services in any shape or form.

“Switch is the twenty-first century upgrade  for every evolving human being. It helps develop new pathways in the brain so you can create patterns of behavior that promote love, acceptance, peace, joy, and happiness.”

I loved all the exercises, but it ended a little to soon for my taste though. They have another book called Super Service which I plan to add to my reference library I have been building up for the past couple of years.

My impressions of this book were very insightful, the tools and technique I took away from this book with a little practice I can integrate them to my every day life to make this less stressful for me in the long run.


Conversations with Nostradamus Volume 3 By Dolores Cannon

Conversations with Nostradamus Volume 3
Dolores Cannon
Copyright 1992, 1994

“Well, this is his observation for a long time ago to now. He says it is very sad because if were not doing anything feeling bad about it, the hopelessness of the situation is compounded… He says nothing is accomplished without individual human effort, which coalesces into group effort, and then action truly takes place. To give up is the worst thing that can happen to our world… He says it’s essential while we are alive to do whatever we feel is a positive helpful step. To actually do it. Whatever it is.”

Dolores Cannon’s purpose was to translate all of Nostradamus his quatrains but she didn’t only go beyond the call of duty. She gave us a glimpse of this great man’s life that was otherwise shrouded in mystery.

Not only did she excelled in her purpose, but also Nostradamus had a couple words of his own to say to our present day which has been very helpful to me at least and anyone who is listening with an open heart and open-minded.

“The probable future as he sees it this men continues to think in the most despairing way. It doesn’t do any harm to present these probabilities to people unless they think that is the way it will be because that’s what they then focus on. They must be given the reason for changing their thoughts and behaviors, and something to change their thoughts and behaviors to that is positive and uplifting.”

Since reading the first two volumes, I know many readers begin to wonder what can I possibly do to change the outcome of what Nostradamus has seen in his decisions. And in volume 3, he gives you the answer, “Think totally the opposite of those awful things, and you give power to the best, the greatest, and what most people call ‘God.'”

There is still light at the end of the tunnel ladies and gentlemen. And he himself is telling us, Nostradamus cares what happens it’s the reason why he wrote his quatrains in the first place. Both the author and Nostradamus make a logical argument in that we have the power to change our futures and nothing is set in stone.

My favorite part of the book would have to be when he starts talking about alien life in his quatrains. It came as a complete surprise to me but it was a very welcome surprise. Even this great man knew that there is other life out there, and yet with all our technology today there still some people who are unwilling to admit that fact because they have not seen it.

What I like most about the book is how she brought together all these people who knew nothing about her previous volumes and yet gave the same information. What I like least about the book is that it took me so long to finish reading it.

The lasting impressions that I take with me, a man several centuries ahead of his time caring so much for the future that he wrote down his visions in such a way that it made it impossible for his time to decipher. That they survived the test of time so that way someone today could translate them. That someone was, Dolores Cannon, who made it her purpose to translate them and bring them into the public’s awareness. I learned that even Nostradamus knew the power of thoughts, beliefs and actions. Not just any action positive and uplifting action.

Here’s another quote from the book, “Nostradamus believe that thought was an extremely powerful force that has never been fully utilized. The use of thought can be directed to draw to it that which is desired. Nostradamus believe that if humanity knew the results of their actions, then their combined thoughts could produce a powerful force that could counteract the worst of the future is he saw, and turn our path into a more peaceful alternative.”

I would highly recommend this book because the more people know about what’s to come, the better we are able to change that future to a more positive outcome. It bares to mind that nobody wants to see these visions come to life so I advise everyone to work on your thoughts, think about what would you want to see happen instead of what you don’t want to see happen.


Legend of Starcrash by Dolores Cannon

The Legend of Starcrash
Dolores Cannon
Copyrighted 1994, 2006, 2010, 2011, 2013
New Age/ Extraterrestrial

Dolores Cannon’s purpose in writing this book was to bring the reader’s attention to that fact that even our history isn’t set in stone, that there are still things that we don’t know that has happened in our past.

“It is possible there legends were genuine, but they would have had survived orally through many years of persecution, annihilation, prejudice, separation and relocation.”

This book follows the life of Tuin a hunter, who lived in a community in the Alaska Canada region where everyone has a position to fill and without that person the whole community would fall.

Her research shown that there were over 300 languages spoken at that time but due to the Europeans and Spaniards coming ashore whole civilizations were lost to disease of suppression. To survive, they had to blend into other tribes and their stories of old where lost to time and tyranny.

It also makes sense that we haven’t been contact by beings outside of our solar system, look what has happen to the tribes that lived here, they were stomped out due to ignorance and fear. All those stories lost because they didn’t fit with those that came to their shores.

The last impression that I got from this book is that it’s to observe those who are different because you have never seen the likes of them before and if possible interact with those who are different and if and only if they prove to be hostile then take action but otherwise learn to live and adapt to those who are different than you. I recommend this book to anyone who isn’t afraid to delve into the unknown and who willing to release the fear of the unknown.


Living In The Heart by Drunvalo Melchizedek

Living In The Heart
Drunvalo Melchizedek
Copyrighted 2003
Body, Mind & Spirit / Ancient Mysteries & Controversial Knowledge / Inspiration & Personal Growth / New Thought

Drunvalo Melchizedek’s purpose is writing this book was to keep write less words to the convey the meaning and keep the integrity of the essence of experience.

Although the chapters were short than what I am use to, it was rich with experiences of what happens when you move into that scared space within your heart space.

His argument is logical as it was based not only on his personal experience but also the experiences on those he has worked with during his workshops.

The author keep me interested with his simple word but they were powerful none the less and he even added a CD with meditations that while help you on your quest of reaching your heart space.

“Before I begin, please understand that your experience and mine may be completely different and outwardly may even seem to have absolutely nothing in common. Though there are many correlations between any two people, like snowflakes, each person is unique. So please, don’t set up expectations. The more you enter the heart like a child with open eyes and senses, the easier and more direct your experiences will be. I am telling you about other experiences simply so you can use them as a reference, not as ‘law.'”

My favorite part of the book would have to chapter 6 where they have extra exercises to help enhancing your heart space experience or at the very less makes if easier. Chapter 9 also talks about creation from the heart and mind which I found very interesting and very informative.

My impression doesn’t only come from this book but also from my experience of entering my heart space. Since I don’t really expect much when I sit down to do this meditation that they scene from within my heart keeps changing only lately has it remain the same.

From this book, I take with me to stop comparing my progress with out people that we each progress in the best way vibration that we match which at the time. I recommend this book to anyone who is will to take those courage steps to visit their heart space but I can guarantee you wouldn’t be the same again.


Keepers of the Garden By Dolores Cannon

Keepers of the Garden
Dolores Cannon
Copyrighted 1993, 1995, 2002, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
New Age/UFO

“Why do they portray us in this manner? This only instills more fear in already fearful world. We are not like that, we have shown this to you.

“Please tell the world who we really are, their brothers, their guardians and their protectors from the stars. We do not need to take over this planet with violence. It is already ours, it always have been. We have been here since the beginning-caring and nurturing.

“Now we are trying to keep you from destroying this planet. Because this planet was given free will above all else in its life charter, you must be allowed to make your own decisions. But we cannot sit idly by and watch our family annihilate itself and its home. The infusion of new blood was the only answer. If the earth influences are not too strong, we shall not fail. We will accomplish our goals, not of taking over the planet, but of saving it.”

This quote is the perfect opening to start this book review as it really stood out to me. Dolores Cannon has once again achieve her purpose showing everyone that not everything is what it appears to be at first and if you look deeper you will find the truth beneath all the falsehood.

Those who are ready for the knowledge it is there for them to choose to believe or the reader can choose to dis-believe it. She leaves the final opinion up to the reader, she also encourages them to not take her word for it but do their on research on the subject.

Whether she makes a logical argument or not in this book, every page had a plethora of rich and colorful information. She had me on the edge of my seat as I’ve always wonder what those beings from space are like.

Are they really what is seen on TV or they more than what other preceded of them to be because they can’t begin to understand beings from other worlds. But also I found similar in my real life as the author had with her client when I first started to read this book, I found all sorts of interruption whether extra shifts at work or even things I found more important than to finished reading this book.

I discovered I wasn’t mental ready for what was going to revealed in this book like the author herself found that she had to wait to get the answers to certain questions and satiate her curiosity. Until I decided that enough was enough and that I was going to finished this book no matter what and I did. I am so very glad that I did.

The cover of the book itself inspired a peace to it that really lead to the purpose the author accomplished with writing this book. I loved everything about this book, the only thing is the fear of learning about the unknown that I didn’t like which keep me from finishing the book.

The lasting impression that will stay with me will be how wild the imagination of people about things beyond our atmosphere and sometimes it that very imagination that can cause fear sometimes but sometimes that imagination can help people to see what it can be like to live in space. What type of beings can be living in that void of space? It’s nice to know that we aren’t alone and that they are here to help us not harm us.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone with an open mind and open heart, those who willing to read through the book before expressing their opinion of what they took away from this book.

D: I think this is what scientists are looking for; something the can communicate with.
P: There are planets which are far below this planet in evolution. The intent of scientists at this point is merely to grasp anything that would be considered proof of other existences. However, this is somewhat…I hate to say ludicrous, but it’s sad state of affairs when you consider the condition of this planet at this time. Better, far better to try to learn to communicate with each other on the planet, than to try and take on the added burden of learning an alien culture. pg. 52-53