Predictions, Comments and Questions for November 2017


Happy October!

I have been doing some recycling I guess you can say with everything I have social media wise as well as what I want to do with them. I have been putting undo pressure on myself which caused me to burn out.

So I literally had to stop everything I was doing so that I can go within and see where I am going with all this. I really wanted to look into my joys. I can to this, I like working with my hands. I like getting dirty with it be with paint or the ingredients I am using to my either deodorant or lip balm.

Then as I was enjoying that revelation, then you have hurricane after hurricane hit.  Now I am Puerto Rican, I had visited the island a few times in the past and see how bad it was. Just made me sad, not only that there were people still there.

But what go me was that there are people out there not really understand how bad it really was and wondering what Puerto Rico was mentioned a lot more then the other places that have been hit.

When it comes down to it everyone needs our help that have been hit by the hurricane, but Puerto Rico not only had been cut off from communication with the outside but also within the island itself. They can’t communicate with each other. I see how it affects my mom. Its upsetting to think that humanity has become insensitive to be asking such a thing on why Puerto Rico needs our help more then other places that have been hit.

Driving it take 2 days to get from one end to the other, while on the map. I can cover the island with my friend. Maria engulfed the island. Disaster is great that its too much for the people there, they are calling for help.

Now I am glad and grateful to see many people coming together despite where they come from, to help Puerto Rico but now only Puerto Rico but all place that was hit. The naysayer falling into the back ground, my family donated to a church for Puerto Rico where I live. Puerto Rico needs our help as do other places that have been hit.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Personal Plea for Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief