Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine [OFFICIAL VERSION]


What else is out there?

I have been thinking lately from a place of balance and contemplation. My desire for that balance in every aspect as well that deep level contemplation to be able to roll over thoughts and ideas that are beneficial. I seem to do that a lot. Thinking clearly about my present situation and where I want to be but its not bogged down by the wants and dictates of society but the dictates of my own expression and passion.

Since I made a decision to leave a job that dragged me down every day on energetic level where creation seem impossible. I couldn’t spend another seven years in this place. I left sure that I would find something else that would fulfill me. I have filled my free time not with things to keep busy but things that I enjoy doing.

It has opened my eyes to other possibilities, it has opened the way to listen to voice of the heart and my own intuition. I am guide forward on this interesting path. Although I may not know where I am going I know that only the highest good for me and all involve lay before me. Its better than where I was before.


The 2018 Author’s Planner

The 2018 Author’s Planner
Audrey Hughey
Copyrighted 2017
Comprehensive Planners for Creatives and Entrepreneurs

I am very practical when it comes to planners, just recently I narrowed it down to one calendar agenda and week by week glance planner. I have noticed that although I do love my planners, I didn’t have one for my writing. I started searching out for and this one crossed my path. I love it and I am in love with. It just what I needed. I have looked at other author planner but this one stood out the most and I didn’t even question it. I don’t regret it buying. Its a wonderful tool, I just need to improve my ability to us it.

The Author Planner


Thinking Things Through

I have been doing things a bit differently lately. I find myself contemplating things more before jumping into them with other thinking. That’s not to say that I am not leaving room for my intuition to guide me but that just it. Its a balance of contemplation as well as intuition before taking action on things. I am determined now more than even to have a balance life and to choose in ways I didn’t before.


Getting Expose for Book

After my virtual coffee on Friday, it got me thinking about how to go about marketing my book with no money which then lead me to goodreads. I went through the groups I was a part of and found few that would help me find reviewers in exchange for a copy of my book. I had to double check to see if I had ebook version available not only that but finally download Jutoh onto my new desktop. I am entertaining the idea of how to go about marketing my book in my own way while still remaining true to myself. I am look forward to where this path is taking me.

Amazon: J. L Silvermist