12 Days to Accomplishment Date

Amazing how time flies when you decided to put your creative pursuits first before anything else. Up to this point I have complete 16 poems handwritten.

For my fiction project, I am up to 38 pages. I have 17413 words written up this point. Its far from done. I am planning on posting this piece on AO3 once its gone through the editing process and polish version is ready.

I believe since setting this countdown, I’ve had many small accomplishments within that time which now has become more of a habit to simple pursuit my creative joys and everything else it secondary.

Once I completed my creative pursuits for the day, its easily for me to handle the mundane tasks of the day.


Daily Prompt: Complication

Isn’t it interesting that the
Latin of this is to fold together.
Isn’t that we do when face with
a problem with fold it together
to the point that is to complex
and complicated. Once we learn
how to unfold it, untangle it. This
will not be complicated.

Daily Prompt: Complication


How to Create a Custom Button to Promote Your Books, Your Shop, and More


Want to direct readers to your book’s Amazon listing, your online store, or your Patreon page? Achieve this with a custom call-to-action (CTA) button. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on creating your own, using photo and graphic design maker PicMonkey.

Choose a fitting image to work with

If you have the WordPress.com Premium or Business plan, you can also use custom CSS to make a clickable button.

Note: You can experiment with PicMonkey for free, but need a membership or free trial in order to save and export your creations.

If you prefer, use Canva as an alternative — most of its features are free — and refer to this tutorial to acquaint yourself with its interface.

In our last how-to on creating a website logo, we used Canva. For this tutorial, let’s experiment with PicMonkey, another tool that’s easy to use.

If you’d like to follow…

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Daily Prompt: Pedigree & Slight

Such a slight thing, we don’t think about often
how we separate our lovable companion into
pedigrees. Yet we adore them all the small.
When it comes to pedigree to humanity, there
is such a divide. Many will argue that is not the
the same thing to compare man to our quadrupedal
companions. We can learn a great many things from
them. When the world is balance, they live in harmony
with her and with other beings who different from
themselves. We can do the same.

Daily Prompt: Pedigree
Daily Prompt: Slight


Daily Prompt: Core

What are we at our deepest core?
Are we like apples? At our core
is our mission to plant seeds of
change within the soil.

What are we at our deepest core?
Are we like the core of the Earth?
Molten lava running through our

What are we at our deepest core?
Are we like a nuclear reactor? At
any moment, can we cause a

What are we at our deepest core?
Are we like the trees? Once cut
down we can show our wisdom
and age to the world.

What are we at our deepest core?
Do you know?

Daily Prompt: Core


How Has It Been Going…

How has it been going? I have been asking myself that question and I ask you the same question, how has it been going? When I really asked myself this question the past couple of days, I noticed that looking back where I was in Oct 2017 to now. I am much better than I was, at the very least I have a better understand who I am and what I want to do in my life. I am writing more often. I am making commitment to my project to complete them. But in retrospect, how has it been going for me is that I am feeling better from the inside out which than translate through my hands into my writing. It can only get better from here on out because I know what it felt like when I didn’t know up from down. Thank you!