Ascended Numerology

What is Ascended Numerology? 

This ancient science is different than Numerology we are accustom to today as its goes beyond divination and steps into revelation. This is more than a yes or no answers as it reveal the depth of your soul’s path in this life. This ancient art was lost to us during the burning of the library in Alexander around 400 AD.

It has been ‘lost’ to humanity up until now when it was gifted to us once more in our time of need. Using the sacred numbers from 0 through 12 it helps bring clarity to a person soul’s path and life purpose. It helps many us answers those burning questions, why am I here? What’s my purpose? Where do I do from here? And this art is not limited to just this questions either.

Each sessions offers an in-depth understanding to your presence through using a unique Diamond Foundation chart to which can be interwoven with the Sacred Science of Rudraksha and shows Chakra relationship as well as so much more.

You will be illuminated, delight, and surprised by how accurate this information connects with all aspects of your life! Sessions are conducted via email. Your personal chart will be prepared by a Ascended Numerologist after the session has been selected. You will received an email where you can provide your birth information. Once you have completed that step, your chart and overview will be sent to you within the next 24 to 48 hours after your information has been received. Sessions can be combined with Questions you may have.

Donations are appreciated but not required as those volunteers will be helping me practice this new art form that I have learned. Thank you in advanced.

Diamond Foundation

This basic sessions is an overview of your soul code where it is revealed why you choose what you have up to this point and helps to bring clarity around those questions like what’s my purpose and why am I here?

Life Review/Soul Code Expansion

This sessions is more in-depth using the information provided by the Diamond Foundation can be expanded upon here if you are interested in knowing how certain decisions may affect you like a move or changing jobs.

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