First Attempt!


It was a success & failure at the same time. Success in the had I all the ingredients and containers to make them. I made four stick out of that batch. Two were given to co-worker as testers as well as offer feedback.

Failure in that the batch end up guppy and didn’t hard although I do live in the attic. It goes well past 76 degrees here and the bases for this batch is coconut oil.

I have been using one myself, I use a brush to apply to under my arms. It has kept my refreshed and I don’t fill the clogging of my pores like with store bought deodorants and I don’t have to worry about clumping either which is nice.

A couple things I have learned from this attempt is that for this recipe, I need jars instead of containers. I will give the customer the option of either liquid or solid deodorants. Ingredients used in this batch are: coconut oil, bentonite clay, shea butter, peppermint oil, arrowroot powder and baking soda. Looking to add beeswax and other butters to the blend as well as making a batch of lip balm.

This is a lot of trial and error but I am not really thinking about labeling and such at this point. I am more focusing on the combination of ingredients and making sure I have a solid batch for multiple uses.

This project is looking like it will be a year long to complete. Interested in supporting my work, please donate here.


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