Daily Prompt: Savage(Jangle;Quill;Tether)

Savage is the life we have lived
while those at the top jangle their
wealth before everyone. Quill in hand
they dictate to us what are role was in
that life but not tethering on the brink.
We have taken the Quill away to forge
our own history. We tether not on the
edge of despair but on the edge of a
new world build by those that love all.


3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Savage(Jangle;Quill;Tether)”

  1. Wonderful write up, savage, haha. Loving the way that you bring out your poems, and the way that you intertwine those words into a beautiful piece of art. Hope to see more from you. Good luck in your book. Have hope, write on!

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