First Attempt!


It was a success & failure at the same time. Success in the had I all the ingredients and containers to make them. I made four stick out of that batch. Two were given to co-worker as testers as well as offer feedback.

Failure in that the batch end up guppy and didn’t hard although I do live in the attic. It goes well past 76 degrees here and the bases for this batch is coconut oil.

I have been using one myself, I use a brush to apply to under my arms. It has kept my refreshed and I don’t fill the clogging of my pores like with store bought deodorants and I don’t have to worry about clumping either which is nice.

A couple things I have learned from this attempt is that for this recipe, I need jars instead of containers. I will give the customer the option of either liquid or solid deodorants. Ingredients used in this batch are: coconut oil, bentonite clay, shea butter, peppermint oil, arrowroot powder and baking soda. Looking to add beeswax and other butters to the blend as well as making a batch of lip balm.

This is a lot of trial and error but I am not really thinking about labeling and such at this point. I am more focusing on the combination of ingredients and making sure I have a solid batch for multiple uses.

This project is looking like it will be a year long to complete. Interested in supporting my work, please donate here.


Homemade Product For Self & Home

I have started a GoFundMe for making homemade product for self & home, for those who are interested I’ve posted to link below. Basically this idea has been floating around in my head for weeks now. Since everyday I am learning about more stuff that we put into or onto our bodies that isn’t healthy.

So I started looking into natural ingredients like coconut oil, bentonite clay, peppermint oil just to name a few that are beneficial to us and the environment.  I also noticed that we throw lots of things away with this monthly membership, you will be able to return your containers to have refilled. I wanted to do my part in help the environment as well as helping others find other options for a reasonable price.

So I would love suggestions on monthly membership amounts and what basic self care and household products would you like to see. How much would you be willing to pay for natural products?

Please share link: GoFundMe


Daily Prompt: Disastrous(Soil & Edible)

Disastrous is that once upon a
time the food brought from
the ground use to nurture
us. Now we are face with
the disastrous of cross
pollen with the wrong plants
that can kill us. What once
was edible to us no longer
brings with it the love those
who plant them to feed others,
but what it plant now require
people in suits to care from them.
Disastrous is what those with
power have on the soil that
once feed us natural food.
Those who are believe in the
natural are fighting with the
higher ups to feed the people
once more healthier food.
Help those who care about
what you put into your body
because they are the future.


Book Progress

Just when you think you have everything plan out and you are ready to move those plans forward. A monkey wrench gets thrown into the mix of things. I had to steps away for a few days as I wasn’t feeling all that great and now family has come up to visit.

So we have a full house and plenty of distraction but I am back and ready to carve out the time need to complete this project. I am also brainstorming other projects as well more on those later.

Here is what I have up to this point:

  • 78 pgs
  • 11454 words