Latest Read

Books From Machaelle Small Wright (that I have read up to this point)

  • Co-Creative Science
  • MAP: Medical Assistance Program 3rd edition
  • Perelandra Soil-less Garden Companion

I found that my desire to connect more with Mother Earth and feel its stability that only she knows how to do so well. Has lead me to buy the majority of Wright’s books. I have read the first two an the third I skimmed over because that only requires extra supplies which I don’t have at the moment.

I have learn a lot about how nature spirits and deva can not only help with an actually garden but garden that at not grown in the soil for example writing projects or business. The Author is living proof of it as nature it a part of her every day life. I am not going to say to much about it but I am still attempting to understand it myself and Einstein said it best, “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”

Once I have a better grasp on the concepts of her teachings and I have the supplies I will be starting on my own journey with nature helping me with my soil-less gardens.

For more information: Perelandra Center for Nature Research 



2 thoughts on “Latest Read

  1. Thank you very much for following my blog.
    And thank you for sharing your experiences, and insights on blogging on your website .
    That has already been of great help to me, particularly the “BOOKS” section. Your write-ups have given me ideas on how to approach my own write-ups of books that I’ve read .
    Thanks again !

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