Daily Prompt: Later

It is so easy to put things
off for another time but
think carefully before you
do but it becomes a cycle
which turn into muscle
memory. You find yourself
doing without thinking until
many laters later you discover
that you’ve missed out on
much of your life.

Daily Prompt: Later


Happy April 1st!

Another month has come and gone. I have a couple of things that I wanted to let everyone know that I have entered at least three writing contest. One that is due in three weeks from now, I am keeping my fingers crossed and I will let you know what the results are of that is.

Poetry book is coming along well as I have stopped trying to play caught with the daily prompts and merely added those words I missed to a list to add to the book later. I have a more sure plan for the publication of it.

I am thinking somewhere around December 1, 2017 to stop adding to it and being the editing process. Rough estimation on actually publication date is January 28, 2018, that should give me enough time to put the final touches on the book and I feel comfortable enough to release it to the public.

I have learned more about Instagram, I have posted a few tester pictures and I am slowly getting the hang out which will make it easier for me to post my crafting pieces there. Lastly, I have a patreon page for those interested in funding not only this writing project but also other projects as well as fund my crafting pieces.

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