A Tidbit Update

I have been face with physical challenges lately. The month of March hasn’t been my month as I have missed shifts as well as miss my daily writing session. Since this started to feel a bit disconnected, I had to take a few steps back to see the bigger picture. With all that I was doing, I was putting my writing last and that didn’t sit well with me. So I rearranged things so that my writing comes first.

Now that I am recovering from a two day migraine which made me wind in the ER Tuesday, it was one of the worst episodes that I’ve experience but it help put things into perspective from me. After being laid up for two days before heading to the hospital, it helps me to put those things I enjoy first after not being able to do anything at all.

I am still feel so effects of the medicine but I am feeling much better and I know I’ll come stand up stronger then before with a more direction target which will help to keep me on track with not only my writing but also with every other aspect of my life.

2 thoughts on “A Tidbit Update

  1. Sorry to hear you were not feeling.well. I get migraines too and they are no fun. Take your time and don’t pressure yourself. Take one day at a time.

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