Happy Friday! Cheers! 1015 Hits! Yay!

Good morning all! I wanted to announced that before the New Year I had only 15 hits and now 3/3/2017 I have 1015 hits that is a big difference. So thank you once more. I have another announce, this a shot in the dark of course. I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in being featured in the poetry book that I am going to self publish in 2018.

The idea didn’t quite hit me until someone had asked on if I could feature two of their poems in the book and instead of trying to fill up the 200 pages myself I thought that I would feature other writers poets in because to be honest I won’t have thought of publishing this book in the first place if it hadn’t been for those whose like the poems I’ve posted for the daily prompt.

If you are interested, my guidelines are simple. Please make sure you edit the poem that way you want to see it published in the book because I don’t want to change the feel of it. They will not be touch by editor other then to make sure spelling is correct.

Have a wonderful rest of your Friday and even better weekend!


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