Daily Prompt: Heard

What have we heard lately?
The chaos has seem to come
to a boil and the people are
outrage for the inhumanity
of what is being said. We
can’t believe that all this
is happening. What have
we heard? Times now
seem like we are moving
backwards but those of
us who are humanitarians
will step forward during
this moment that we seem
to be hit with wave after wave.
Like with all things in nature,
we can’t control those waves.
We must go with the flow or
we might get hurt resisting.
Emotions have arisen, things
have been hidden for far to
long that must come to light
to be healed. Does that we do
nothing? No, what does your
heart tell you? Follow it because
those of us who are walking the
path of light will merely be observe
of the chaos but we can also help to
alleviate it those energies that it doesn’t
impact so strong but we must allow those
find there path because we can’t walk it
form them.

Daily Prompt: Heard


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