Daily Prompt: Invitation

We invite you to sit back and dream,
I know it a world that seems to move
faster than the speed of light. Take a
moment to step away from the outside
influence that only seem to produce fear
and anger. To look within at a world that
is for humanity and we for her. A world
where free energy ranges. We live in
harmony with one another. We help our
fellow neighbors. What we take for the
Mother, we give back with love and peace.
Our oceans are clean and plentiful. We can
drink from our rivers and streams without
fear of what could be in it. We breath clean air.
We live with our brother of the earth as well as
the children of the air and seas. We are truly in
harmony with one another and all living things.
So come and join us in this world of peace and love,
for without those dreams how can we make the
world a better place to live in for not only for us
but for future generations to come.

Daily Prompt: Invitation


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Invitation”

    1. They aren’t yet but I think that instead of focusing on what’s not yet happen. I wanted to be able to focus on what the world could be because we still have time to change and make such a world come into reality 🙂

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