Daily Prompt: Renewal

Plants grow and thrive under the sun,
but as with all things, they too must
rest. Leaves change colors. Radiant
reds, yellows, oranges and pale greens
become floating to the earth. Winter
frost sweeps the land coating it in
cold blanket as it falls into a deep
slumber. And like with all things
even Winter has it time when Spring’s
sun baths the land melting away the
coat beneath it life begins to stir. Seedling
begin to move  and shift as they break free
from there shells, reaching up through the
soil to greet the warmth of Spring. To gift us
once more with the vibrant greens, pinks and

Daily Prompt: Renewal


1 thought on “Daily Prompt: Renewal”

  1. There is a season for all things. Finding one’s Inner strength will always allow one the time to tread-a-season if that is the need.

    Thanks you so very much for taking an interest in my blog. I hope that you will find my stories interesting for some light and casual reading, but intriguing enough in their complexity to want to visit often. Anytime you visit, I love feedback. I am still a writer very rough-around-the-edges. Any feedback I can get, I cherish! Thanks again for your visit.

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