Love Instead of Hate By Mandy L. Buffington

Love instead of Hate

Why is there this war?
War against our bodies?
We can’t just love ourselves?
Love who we are?
Society doesn’t do us any favors,
Telling us we got to be this or that,
Can’t be curvy,
Can’t be short,
Can’t be a certain color,
Can’t have this imperfection of this,
Or what is perceived as an imperfection,
Since when did we have to make war of ourselves?
Instead of just loving who we are?
Love instead of hate?
Who cares if someone has tattoos,
Or piercing,
Short or tall,
Curvy or skinny,
White, black, or in between,
Love should be the goal instead of war,
What we are given in this life,
These bodies,
Sometimes not perfect,
Sometimes later given to disease,
And in the end we all pass on,
We need to learn to instead hating what’s on the outside,
To love who we are as people,
Stop caring what we weigh,
What we look like,
Who we love,
Life is too short,
Life is too precious,
To worry about these things we put,
So much hate into this world,
And what does it accomplish?
No communication with each other,
Hurting because we hate instead of love,
We hurt instead of seeing the big picture of this thing called life,
Just perhaps,
We were put here to bring unity,
To not think of our differences,
To truly just love,
To put aside our wars against our bodies,
Our ways against each other putting people down,
Just because they are different,
Different than us,
Different than what we want them to be,
Perhaps we need to learn that true change,
Way that our world should be starts with,
Love instead of hate.


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