Silence For A Time

I decided to take a step back and focus on my writing since NaNo help get the ball rolling in that aspect. Lately, I have been bouncing between graphic design and writing. I’ve started to record my writing sessions to post onto my youtube channel so those interested in supporting me can see what happens behind the scene.

I want my supports to know what they are funding. I am in the process of getting reasonable equipment, like a microphone and a webcam. Download free broadcasting software and video editing software. I am focusing on getting myself out there. I am in the process of having some sort of schedule so that I can post weekly here along with doing videos. I am taking this one step at a time.

Now I have been keeping an eye on #NoDapl and so far so good. The president refused the permit to drill and the judge refused to overturned the ruling to drill but that doesn’t mean its over. The police in North Dakota are being held responsible for there actions against the water protectors. I am planning to keep eye on this situation.

There are still two people who need our help due to the present situation. Both exercising their rights only to be thrown in prison. Check out the sites to learn more:


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