Daily Prompt: Renewal

Plants grow and thrive under the sun,
but as with all things, they too must
rest. Leaves change colors. Radiant
reds, yellows, oranges and pale greens
become floating to the earth. Winter
frost sweeps the land coating it in
cold blanket as it falls into a deep
slumber. And like with all things
even Winter has it time when Spring’s
sun baths the land melting away the
coat beneath it life begins to stir. Seedling
begin to move  and shift as they break free
from there shells, reaching up through the
soil to greet the warmth of Spring. To gift us
once more with the vibrant greens, pinks and

Daily Prompt: Renewal


Taking Action

I had decided since I want to do more writing that I would do some freelancing on the side. I have my account for both client and freelancer all setup. I put in at least 4 proposals since setting everything up and I am just waiting on response now. I have decided to throw caution to the wind because I have a need to change what I am doing presently. I am not happy in the job that I am doing, its stagnant there.

I have no room for growth or rather they don’t want to give me that opportunity to expand my wings and I am done being caged and consistently told in a nonverbal way that I don’t have what it takes. I am taking it one step at a time, as soon as things take off for my freelancing and I am making enough with that I will work less at the other job.

Its way past time for a change, I had been holding out hope that things would change at this job but its only seem to be getting worse and worse with each passing moment. I enjoy working with certain people but I find that’s not enough for me to stay there any longer. Its time to move on and I am taking steps to do so.