24 days into NaNoWriMo


Happy Thanksgiving! I wanted to take a moment to spread the words about what is going on at Stand Rock before I jump into the topic of my blog today. Native American at protesting against the pipeline since has been re-direct through their lands.

Their protest has been meet with violence and I just wanted to throw out there that all people and land are important doesn’t matter your nationality or race. Everything is connected in some shape or form. Please take a moment to send a blessing to those people who are peaceful protesting against those who are interested only in there monetary gain and not the gain of our planet who needs are love, support and care which in turns she gives us what we need to thrive. Our planet is important! Spread the Love: Pray With Standing Rock

Its already 24 days into NaNoWriMo and my word count is 6210 up to this point. I did put a lot of effort into getting 50,000 words this year only I feel short after I started first few days where fine but I started to struggle afterwards. I hear a lot of people say plan for NaNo, have an idea about the piece you want to write.

When I started NaNo this year, I was completely dried up. I was looking for ideas in songs, movies and the anime I was watching but nothing was coming to me. When you have a steady flow ideas, that advice is golden but for those us who are trying find those ideas it isn’t really good advice for those us struggling to get back into the writing game. I struggled just working my writing muscle again but the more I coaxed myself the easier it got.

I looked through old works of mine to get some sort of spark but the terrain I stepped into was uncharted so I couldn’t find much ground to work with. Does that mean I am going to stop, no of course not, I just need more research to do that’s all. I am going to continue where I left off during NaNo this year which will help me in completing the other projects I have pending.

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