On Track

I am on day 13 of being consistent with my daily energy routine and since learn the tools for energetic protection. It hasn’t once felt like a chore that I need to plow through. I had a wonderful meditation class yesterday which has carried over into today. During this past few weeks, I have come to realize about myself that I am little like a dinosaur in that they focus on one thing at a time.

I understand when the other teachers when they say you can practices these tools anywhere. I on the other hand has always felt my practices should be done in private but the time for that has come and gone. I am taking baby steps. For right now I am doing it about the house as I feel more comfortable here whatever I am doing whether it’s brushing my teeth or making coffee.

I take a few moments to go through my routine. Little by little I am getting use to checking in with myself to see where I am and adjusting accordingly. It’s been an interesting few weeks. Tomorrow marks the two weeks of consistent practice.


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