Beginning The Weekend

largeThank God it’s Friday, another week has come and gone. I have been doing my daily energy routine for 13 days tomorrow will complete two weeks of going strong with this commitment.

I have to say it was the best choice I made since I went to the Energetic Protection workshop a couple of weeks back. That workshop gave me the foundation I need to be persistent with the rest of my energetic practices.

I am finally fitting the pieces of the puzzles together. Days at work are much more manageable. I don’t think that I have to this and this but rather I just do it. Its become effortless to go through my daily routine because its no longer a chore but a pleasure. I also not forcing things either like I use to.

Now I understand when others have say that things will develop organically. The flow has been steady for me, its a lot easier for me to go with it. Videos pop that have been help in these areas as well as getting the same message for every I have come across up to this point and that it is.

Love. Breath. Bless.

How do you do this you say? I’ve learned that to simply be for me is breathing deeply and being conscious of the breath. Everything else will dissolve because of the miracle that the breath is. Breathing has become an anchor that I need to stay aware of myself. It has been a really helpful advice to take while also allowing to feel however you are feeling.


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