Crafting A Mission Statement

Starting way back when I first of Simon Sinek and his book ‘Start With Why.’ It started me thinking about how do I go about crafting my own ‘why’ when it comes to my writing but I realized that I was only thinking about it on a smaller scale. I started to think on a larger scale but this book only gave me the X part of the equation which frustrated me.

I decided to let it go because I was trying to hard, I know that it would come to me eventually. That was about a year ago but this year I had taken a workshop with helps to craft your soul’s mission statement.

My teacher took us through the process and this workshop made me realized that when it comes to mission statements your first thoughts are best. Since then I have started to look for similar ways of crafting a mission statement for my writing which ties into the rest of my life.

When I saw that the Write Now podcast has an episode I hoped right on it, it may take me a bit but I am working on that statement as I write this and I know how important it is to have one. If I have learned nothing from all my experience so far it that a strong foundation in need to help to keep you moving forward when you a drowning in fear and despair.

Best Advice -> Crafting Your Mission Statement


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