Storytelling is like the Lotus

eastern-culture-exotic-lotus-vector_21-18766957This poem was inspired by my love for the Lotus flower which has followed me throughout my journey. Which will continue to follow me throughout this journey just like my writing will as well. This in its raw, uncut and untamed.



Storytelling is like the Lotus because it
origins seem simple at first glance. It finds it place
beneath the muck of the swamp lands.

Storytelling is like this seed once planted it doesn’t
allow anything for stopping its growth. Not even the
lack of sunlight from deep within the shadows. It does
not know time or impatiences.

It simply focuses on reaching the surface.
Once it breaks the surface of the swamps it still
not over, but its not done. It must face the elements.

Winds of doubt that can blow it off course.
Rain of despair that can stop its growth.
Snow of apathy that keep it from opening it petals.
Quaking of fear that will stop the whole thing.

And yet the the lotus finds the courage to stand in the
face of adversity to open its petals up to the warmth of
the sun. Only to close up to rest once the moon rises again.



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