14 days into NaNo

After feeling the pressure for those few days that I couldn’t write many words. I re-connected with a someone from my writer’s group. We talked for a bit about our pieces we are doing for NaNo. I showed her what I had so far, she loved it!

Which help to motivated me to keep going with it. I had planned to do some writing once I got off of work but that didn’t happened as I got caught up watching a video about this puppet called Manu.

It wasn’t until I realized how late it was that I heard my muse whispering into the my ear about a back story. A story based on the parents of the main character which I felt compelled to type up that moment.

I type up as much as I could in that sit before I went off to the bed. I am not in it to win although someone would say I am not aim big enough. But for this is big enough consider the months that I went without writing a single word whether it be in my journal or story writing. I got wonderful advice from one of my favorite podcasters Sarah Werner and her 30 tips for 30 days of NaNo

I am not win NaNo this year but at least I made the attempt to participate and do the best I know how to do at this point in my life.


2 thoughts on “14 days into NaNo”

  1. And thank you so much having the courage to podcast the way you do because it really helped me to put things into perceptive. 🙂 I am looking forward to more consistent writing habits this time around.

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