From Stillness

tumblr_myit1v8hsy1s0ggdgo1_500I believe this calls for a celebration. I have been doing the some of the practices for a week already, while others I have only just learned about them.

I have started to feel the difference already and I had the perfect opportunity to test it these past few days at work.

At times we have large crowds of people that come into the store and depending on there vibration. I can get drain rather quietly or it can be slowly which can last throughout the day. Normal there is anxiety, irritation ending in exhaustion. This time around there was none of that, I stood my ground without being on the defiance side.

I do still experience mild irritation for certain individuals which I am planning to work through but other than that I am no longer effected by those around me no matter what state they might be in. For this place, this is a lot of clarity and focus. It’s not that I don’t care for those around me but rather I could choose to feel emotions that is the highest good for everyone involved including myself.


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