Results Lately

tumblr_mfxxzzb2sb1s1lyuzo1_400Since the election, I have had some decisions to make about what I am going to do. Am I going to fall back into density or am I going to choose to further my self ascension?

It easier to sit back, do nothing and complain but like some say, “I’ve been there done and done that.”

I’ve gotten bored of being stuck in the same place although there is fear of the unknown but how will I know unless I get there?

I find myself worrying less about what’s going to happening and where I am going. I am more focused on how I want to feel right now instead. I realized that being in the state of peace helps me be able to do the practice with easy.

I do admit in the past once I started to feel good I would stop what I was doing but with the help of my teacher I realized that if I want to maintain that good feeling I need to continue doing the practices. After all that I’ve gone through lately this state I am in right now feel so much better and it is a state I want to experience more of.

These tools I have learned up to this point have help me to get there, but its the consistently that at time I struggle with. Now with the results of this election, society decided that they were going to step back instead of the forward. This struggle I’ve been experience has now become a lot easier to deal with because I want to keep move forward not backward. I have been there and its not a place I want to go back to.


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