Day After Election

tumblr_n0fk7nxu8o1sib943o1_250This expresses a little of how I am feeling right now about the election. I did my civic duty by voting yesterday and I was sure the person I voted for was going to win due to her experience.

Only to get a psychic slap in the face a few hours before going to pick up my mom, that she was losing and I didn’t know what to feel then.

I am become very disappointed with society at that moment that despite what this person has said many still went to vote for him.

Whatever there reasons were, we are a bumpy a road to say the least. I can only hope that things turns out of the better but I am not going to allow this to effect the progress I have made so far with the tools I have be using lately. I am going use this experience to help propel me forward on this path as I continue to find my way in this life.

I have learned a lot  about myself during this time. Emotions of fear, uncertainty, worry and despair has followed me through all this but I am not going to allow this emotions to govern my life anymore. I am going hold firm to the fact that I am protected no matter what I do and anything I experience from this point on is for my highest good for all involved including myself.

I may not understand why this happening but I am going to take this moment as an opportunity to use the tools that I learned last week to help me through this.


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