Revelations About Myself

So I have been doing a lot of think lately about what has been preventing me from moving forward with the help of my teacher during our protection workshop. I learned a lot about myself and that I need to protection myself in the ways of how people energy and thoughts affect me. I learn a lot of techniques during that workshop and how important it is to clear ones energy field after the day ends.

While there I had this thought that seem pretty persist so I asked my teacher about it, my situation was this. I have been finding that my work atmosphere has been affecting me to the point that I am unable to function when I get home and I am all over tried on every level. So she offered me advice, which I have taken while I practiced does technique during the weekend.

I am not feeling that dread that I normal feeling before going to work. Now that I have the tools that can help me better protect myself from energy that doesn’t benefit me or my highest good while also allowing me to have experience that will help me grow on every level. I am feeling that sense of confident that everyone always talks about but can never really describe because of how different it is on a energetic level.


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