NaNoWriMo Struggle

This NaNo has brought it home to me that I am really struggling with my writing. Its as if my writing self and this present self has separated. I am finding myself more and more that I am force to write those 1700 words a day or sometimes not having the motivation at all to sit down to just write.

I have heard advice from some that you merely need show up and the words will come. Others say it better to plan and have a detail outline. Some just have to sit down and they write. I find that nothing works for me so comes the challenging part of this. I have to find what works for me.

But what is that? I’ve tried using prompts none seem to pop out. I have looked over old work that I’ve never finish and they seem to crumble beneath my fingers. I am running on empty and I have no motivation either to look for ways to recharge. On that topic, I have yet to find something that will recharge but without the motivation, how can I do something like.

So to say that I am frustrated at this experience I am going through, is putting it mildly. I can seem to muster the energy to give a fuck at the moment and I am not sure what to do about because beneath it all, I really want to write only I have nothing that is something to mind at the moment to start with or to finish for that matter.


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