Last Day in October!

I got say that this month has been one hell of a month with me getting sick without really think about it. People I have meet and encountered throughout the month. But today feels like I have finally breath again. The walls have finally moved away although I have going to admit that I haven’t been doing some of the practices as I’ve decided to follow my joys instead I find myself in a better spot then I did before. Tomorrow is NaNoWriMo!


Crushing By Distraction

Companion Andara Throughout the Past Couple of Weeks:

  • Yellow-Green
  • Effervescent Green
  • Amber
  • Amethyst

I have been have this crushing sensation since the closer I get to the end of this Month. I have been doing practices off and on. I feel like at times that I am pushing against a wall that seem unyielding. I am just plain tried at other times. Other times I am crawling beneath the fog. Whether its doing the container practice, mediating, knitting or coloring. I am following more and more my joy even while I feel like I am being crushed by this distraction.


Slow Start

I’ve been a bit distracted with recovering for being sick, that I haven’t done much with any of the practices I’ve learned these pass three weeks from the course I took. But can’t hold it against me as that doesn’t help me, it just put me in a repetitive loop in which I wind up not doing anything for months at a time and once there it’s a challenge to get out of it. Another counterproductive habit that isn’t needed anymore because I am determined to keep moving forward on this path I’ve chosen. So I am taking things at a pace that I can handle while my body goes through the motion of feeling better.



These past few weeks I have been in recover mode as I got sick for a couple of days last week. For this week, I am resting and drinking a lot of fluid and just staying away from sweets at the moment as I my body goes through this detoxing since I have been doing a lot of inner work while continue my energy work on all levels.


This Week Andara Layout

Last week, I had Andara Amethyst, Amber, & Effervescent Green. It really help to keep me focus on committing to the practices I have been told and reading about on Sri & Kira’s page. This week I added Andara Yellow-Green which has caused me to leave the my Andara pendant I made at home, every so often I’ll be called to put it on but it hasn’t been everyday.

So now I am into the second week of Transforming Toxicity Class with Sri & Kira only after listening to the second class. I haven’t been doing my journal writing because I was so focus on the practices that it slipped my mind completely. Right now with all practices I have done up to this point have helped with the spaciousness I am presently feeling.

I still have feelings that distracted me for the truth that I AM but they don’t seem to linger unless there is something I need to learn from that experience. Although some thoughts are fleeting but there at those that need my attention for some reason.

I realize now that somethings need my attention so that they can begin to heal so that I can continue to simple be in my divine nature. And this is hard for me to say do to how I grew up, but I am understanding more and more the truth of those words to me.

Here is one of the practices that I have doing everyday for the past two weeks or so. I’ve lost track of time since I’ve been doing these practices. Container Practice!