Andara Amethyst Day 2

I had set this card out yesterday as I went about working on the Patreon page, getting the basic pledges setup done and brainstorming rewards for each tier. Today, I worked on editing the intro and the goal section of the Patreon page.

I was reading the weekly message in my email and I was reading about Amber. I felt guided to take out the Andara Amber and have that out until the end of the week when my page goes live.

While I have been doing the Oneness course, I am on week 6 and I have come far. For other courses, subconsciously I would stop before completing them. I have notice that at the beginning of this course, it felt different.

That different lead me to other tools and resources that have help further this path I am on. I am finally getting the answered to questions that I didn’t know I have and I am learning what has been keep behind the veil for so long.


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