Day 7 of Andara Blue Shaman Swirl

I had a set of Andara that was going to join me today but after getting swept up by theses Andara: Blue Shaman, Higher Heart, Effervescent Yellow, Brilliant Green, & Amber. Subconsciously, I need the energies of this Andara instead of swapping them out with the others. I had set the intention to receive that energies that I need to at the moment during those days of the week I didn’t post here. I was merely integrating those energies as I shifted into another phase of my life.

I wanted to let everyone know that I have set in motion last week to find other means outside of myself, outside of my resources to earn an income from my writing. I have been working on that with patreon while also keeping consistent with my action through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to bring the best that I can for my supports.

If I have learn anything else from my writing it that, it’s a solitaire process when I am writing but once it comes through the process of editing. I need help and support from others so in the end, my creative process is a group process. I am learning about myself with each small step I take and this cards have helped to lead the way for me.

So my patreon page is due to come live on Oct 1, if you are interested in support my work and my dream of being a full time writer. You are welcome. If you can’t that’s alright too.


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