Day 1 of Andara Blue Shaman Swirl

I am accompanied today by not only Blue Shaman but also Lavender Blue and Brilliant Yellow. I was listening to Sri and Kira live on the radio today and I noticed that I have been pushing away certain decision that needed to be made. So while I was listening, I started to look over my old blog sites and such to start combining them. At the moment, I have combined not only my xanga here but also my livejournal as well.

Started brainstorming with other social media sites and possible sources of income. I realized that all the research in the world won’t matter if I don’t clear these blocks that I have in receiving those sources of income.

I remember that on Sri and Kira’s site they have homestudy courses, I picked the one that stood of the most with was there Ascended Abundance courses although I only listen to the class once, it changed my perspective of abundance. Not only that I wanted have a feel into there teaching method and they jump right into which I love, they also have material you can printout to take notes on.

I’ve listen to the attunement twice already and done the container only once but even once I could feel the energy within my body begin to shift about. It was odd, for a lack of a better work, but once I settled in with the new feeling it settled quickly and the energy seem to smooth itself out.


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