Andara Garnet Day 7

Today we were joined by Andara Opalescent Pink. I am starting to see that the Andaras know exactly what is needed and when. I am seeing that, the more and more I use and connect with them. Sleeping with them at the head of my bed has help a great deal in integrating there energies.

Although I didn’t go through my daily zone routine, I found that I didn’t have to because I was still in the zone state. My mental chatter is almost nonexistence now. Of course I am not saying that I don’t fall back into old habits but the more and more I listen the zone calls. I can fall back into that state of flow with ease.

Now with Opalescent Pink helped to me to stay center and ground with the events that happened later in the evening in New York and New Jersey. I made a choose to not turn on the the News or look anything up online about what had happened. Now it’s not because I don’t care about what happened but its because I care that I decided that I wasn’t going to add to a very strong experience.

Instead I sat with the situation for awhile to see how it made me feel. Of course thoughts of not understand how people can hurt each other, why do some people feel the need to hurt each other. Why are the beings in this world so violence to themselves and the other beings here?

With this thoughts racing through my mind, I realized that although I was having this thoughts I remained detached from them, they were fleeting. I focused them to see if there were any emotions, and there were sadness. The inability to understand certain beings actions towards others.  I didn’t even realize at the time, I seem to call to the energies that help me with the energies that was swirling around me.

I am not condoning the actions of others or lessen the situation but I felt that I couldn’t help the present situation for the place I was. So subconscious I reach for the energies of the Opalescent Pink that help me to send out a ‘soft, loving, gentle and compassionate’ energy to the events that were unfolding through the night.

It felt different as this energies were coming from a place of peace and balance as a whole. My whole being was into sending this energies out to the situation. It was a learning experience because for the first time, I didn’t allow the outside energies to engulf me.

Instead I use the present experience to allow myself to feel into the emotions that were brought up deep within me, transmute and transform that into positive energies that help the situation transmute and transform itself. I made a decision a while back that fear although helpful at times of physical danger, like prevent one from stepping into to traffic, doesn’t have a place in my life while on this path I have chosen.

Some useful tools that have helped me:


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