Andara Garnet Day 6

Solar Fire was replaced by Tangerine. Tangerine helps with purifying and transmuting everything is ready to be released. I noticed while I slept, that I slept longer and deeper to the point where I almost didn’t want to get up as I wanted to stay in the peaceful place. I have been wearing an Andara that I bought from AngelleesaDesigns.

A couple of days ago, I decided to make it into a pendant so that I could carry it with me and it has made all the difference. It’s Andara Yellow-Gold which has helped me to stay centered and this one like Tangerine is said to the hold the solar energies of the Great Central Sun.

I’ve been wearing it since Wednesday, all day and even while I sleep. It’s been helping me to stay in flow, grounded and separated from the circus going on around me. Although I do experience mild annoyance at times but I selfishly guard my alone time as I am introverted and too much people contact can overstimulate to the point where I am looking for an escape so that I can come back to center.

I am in the process of moving through this but I know it will take sometime as I realized that quiet time is a good thing as I find myself contemplating a lot of things about myself and what’s the next step in this life. Let’s see what today has in store from me of course as long as it in my highest and best interested even if I may not understand it, let the highest will be done for the highest and best interests for everyone involved.

Here is a video that can explain more on andara-> The Significance of ORMES & All Natural Etherium Monatomic Elements by Patrick Bailey


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