Andara Garnet Day 4

Sometime last night I swapped out Rose/Peach with the Andara Higher Heart and felt the energies instantly. I didn’t get a chance of going through my daily routine this morning but I noticed that I was still in the zone since yesterday. I woke this morning diagonal in my bed which normally I wake up with my head on the pillow.

A few days ago, I got in the mail the Infinite Blessings book by Erica Rock. I placed in under my pillow on the page for Abundance. I have started the search for my career path since its time for me to step onto the path of who I really am and how I can help others. I don’t how this all fits together so I will feel what I love to do and consistently checking in with myself to see where I am.

These cards along with the once that I carried with me yesterday has made it so that I am not as effect by my surroundings. I am finding teachers that encourage you to go within because you have all you need within you. I am not saying that if this aren’t clear, you don’t find someone to help you because we all need help from time to time.

What I am saying that more often then not I would prefer to go within to find that advise so I can take immediate action if that is what is called for at the time. Yesterday, I found myself thinking about my writing and so I was called to pulled some cards to help me get unstuck in that area.

The cards that I pulled were: Andara Flame Red, Andara Mint & Andara Brilliant Yellow. At first glance I thought why these cards but when I read the description for it, it made sense to me so I decided to just stick with them while also remaining constant with how I have been using the cards lately.


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