Andara Garnet Day 3

Today we are joined by Andara Rose/Peach along with three other Andara: Angel, Effervescent Green and Lavender Blue. I have decided to carry these three with me as I feel that I need there energies today. Since I have been expose to the energies of Garnet for the past three days, is not that I don’t feel it but this Andara’s energy is mild compared to Rose/Peach.

I can’t quite put my finger on it but my whole body is humming with this added energies to the mix of the others that I pulled from the deck this morning. I haven’t used that many oracle deck cards but with the deck I always pull the cards that I need at point in time.

It even works beneath at those things that I am not even conscious of at the time. Which helps to bring them to light so that I can acknowledge, feel them if I need to feel into them with no judgement so they can be released and transformed for my highest good.


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