Andara Garnet Day 2

My journey with not only Garnet but with Amethyst and Oceanic Blue/Green has been an interesting one. I went through my morning routine which as ends with doing a card reading. I had Garnet and Amethyst already setup at the head of my bed. I felt like I need something more so I pulled another card that I would carry with me throughout the day.

I went to work as usually with a mild sense of anxiety, I say mild because I did some tapping on it while doing so felt through the emotion. It lingered but I know that it get better with time. Lately more and more at work, I have been experiencing certain things that have become irritations to me which interfere with my ability to get things done.

I set the intention the moment I walked find my center no matter what happens and feel through whatever might arise. I got right to work and didn’t really give the irritations much thought after that. Nothing happened, it was smooth sailing the whole day which I am grateful for because I got things done without having to look over my shoulder.


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