Day 6 with Andara Storm

It been a bit topsy turvy as I haven’t really being getting up early like I normally do to get things done in the morning so I am balance before heading off to work but I find the more I am in the zone state the less I need to do anything physical now that’s not to say that I don’t meditate now its more out of wanting to do it then needing to do it.

My intake of information is down as I am not buying as many books with the mental chatter gone, I can really make better informed decision about what to buy, what not to buy and it has taken the edge off money for me considering that at this moment I am making enough to support that life style that I want to leave but I find that I am not really focusing on the future as much as I am focusing on the here and now.

I had to bit of rough few nights consider the migraines I experienced. I feel like I am finally winding down for the weekend. At times it feels like I am outside looking in, when I have time to be in the stillness, its really hard to explain as this state I am needs to be experience to be fully understood.

I know this, this state feels like coming home and I don’t have to worry about it going away because once I experience the first times. I know that this was the state I wanted to experience all the time.


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