Day 5 with Andara Storm

I got caught up after the zone call, I listened to this morning that I completely forgot about making a post. I only received that once I got to work. So what has been happening lately with the help of Storm is that I am seeing things that I merely glimpsed over, things that you don’t normally won’t give it another thought or just brush it off as someone having one of there moods.

Mostly all this realization happened while at work, in the zone state, I began to look around me as if it was the last time I was going see that place. I have been there for six years going on seven but now I am finally growing out of my shell and that place feels a bit small to me and crowded.

I am starting to noticed things that, I won’t normally brush off when it comes to certain people. I am not doing that since I’ve committed to feel every emotions, setting the intention to do so from the moment I wake up in the morning.

I have begun to see those emotions shifting while being in the zone state had helped to keep me from attached meaning to those experiences. There is still two days in my week with Andara Storm, let’s see where this crystal will take me next.


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