Day 4 with Andara Storm

I know this post is a bit late but I ran into a bit of situation this morning the prevent me from prepping. I experience another migraine twice in one week when normal it would be a few months before I experience another one only this time it was on the right side of my head down to my eye. It started to shortly make itself known to me when I picked up my mom from her job.

When I got home, I took some herbal supplements instead of the over the counter. I listened to the Infinite Blessings mp3 before nodding off to bed. I had some chores to do in the morning only I became conscious of pound pain in my head when I got up and it only worsen when I moved around.

So this time around I took the over the counter and I realized something, this whole time I was fight against taking over the counter med for my migraine and also resisting the pain of these migraines which would explain why they continue to linger and why my body would reject the over the counter med.

Somehow with intense pain I was experience then I made the decision that resisting things only made them worse so I became conscious of myself shying away from the pain and instead embrace. The moment I did that it was gone and I was able to nap for a bit before waking up fully aware so that I can continue on with my day doing what I want to do.

What does this have to do with my experience with Andara Storm? Well, all this experience at interconnect, they build on one another. Storm is helping me to see the shadow aspects of myself that lay hide, buried beneath everything and is slowly but gentle bring them to the surface for me to face one at a time. I have set the intention of only handling whatever I am ready to handle and Storm understands this which is making it easier from me to progress further on this path of growth, evolution and relearning that knowledge that had been kept hidden from until I was ready for it to emerge once again.

The tools and resources I have been using the past few weeks:


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